Excellent Attitude + Good Health = Success

Excellent Attitude + Good Health = Success


You were passed over for a raise once again.

It was not a surprise. Mr. Smith leads a charmed life. Work is completed prior to due dates. They constantly have sufficient energy to go to workshops. They burn the midnight oil whenever required. They constantly look fantastic, teem with energy, and inspired.

It is unfair that some individuals are talented — or are they? Next time the flu strikes your workplace, take a look at folks who stay at home and those who wind up taking days off work. There will certainly be some surprising discoveries.

Statistically,the group who miss out on work are belly-achers, they are stressed, they strive to complete tasks however never make-the-grade. These individuals hardly ever smile. Ask exactly what music they have in their iPod. Is it pleasant, or is it tough and abrasive? Do they make close friends, or do they shut themselves away in their cubicle?


Now, compare this to the group who continued to be at work. There are trends right here, too. These individuals are most likely to fill their iPod with symphonic music. They most likely discuss things such as massage treatment, working out, tension relief, healthy eating habits, and they laugh or smile all the time.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, however research has actually shown that bad stress and anxiety management abilities, feelings of vulnerability, bad health habits, and bad social skills are the hallmark of the first group above.

Scientists have actually shown that anxiety cuts years from your life.

Researchers are showing in scientific research studies what therapists have actually understood for centuries. The body and mind are connected, and when one is weak, the other suffers.

One branch of study has actually made terrific strides in comprehending the connection in between feelings, wellness, and immune-system function — Psychoneuroimmunology.

The Dept of Psych at Rochester University, found that the immune system can be mentally conditioned to perform in an incredibly specific manner. Basically, you can train your body to develop a very fit and near-perfect body, or provide it with the road-map to self-destruct.

Rats were fed saccharine and an immunosuppressive drug that triggered nausea. After only one occurrence, the rodents stayed clear of saccharine. The research study was duplicated with just saccharine, and numerous rats met their end.

Although the drug was missing the rat’s bodies associated saccharine with the suppression of immune function. The saccharin damaged their body’s immune systems.

This is termed an immunosuppressive response.

The brain turned a completely healthy food into toxin. The experiment produced an astounding conclusion: The mind and the body’s immune system are connected.


“There were lots of responses to our research study — and a few of them you cannot print, but our outcomes revealed that you’ve got to handle the entire adaptive system of the organism and not simply a single aspect of the system.” said a spokesman from the University.

And they altered the immune research study paradigms permanently.

Exactly what does that mean for you? It declares precisely what life coaches have actually been preaching to you for decades. If you wish to be successful then you have to alter your state of mind. You can train your body to achieve more, stay much healthier and handle anxiety much better if you alter your state of mind.

A researcher at Johns Hopkins University found receptors that enable the body to produce natural opiates. Keep that in mind the next time you run into somebody who is constantly on a ‘high’ — perhaps they are.